Sand Canyon Residential Wireless Pricing



Speed Tiers




Monthly Download Allowance

2.4, 5.2, 5.8 GHz Wi-Fi Residential

Monthly (1.5Mb/1.5Mb) $69.95 Unlimited
Monthly (6Mb/6Mb) $89.95 90GB
Monthly (3Mb/3Mb) $99.95 Unlimited

Yearly (1.5Mb/1.5Mb)



Yearly (6Mb/6Mb) $79.95* 90GB
Yearly (3Mb/3Mb) $89.95* Unlimited

Additional Services

Monthly Static IP's $5 per 5
Monthly 384k upload $10 per

3Mb Max Additional


*Year Contract Required for lower rate.

All Listed Services are for attended use Only. Servers are strictly prohibited.Including P2P, Bittorrant, and ANY other file sharing applications!

Residential Installation Pricing



Installation Options







Including Professional Installation and Equipment! 1 Year Term.

0 to 8 Miles



Including Professional Installation and Equipment!

0 to 8 Miles


Dish Accessory (Optional)

4 to 10 Miles




**Installation cost can be spread over the

first 3 months of service, not valid combined with any other offer or promotion.


Upon Cancellation of service you must return the Equipment to Creative Wireless, Inc. All cancellations require 30 day written notice of cancellation.


P2P, Bittorrant, and ANY other file sharing applications are strictly prohibited.


  • One Nat IP address
  • One Mac Address Allowed Per Customer
  • No servers permitted
  • Residential locations only

Wireless Equipment is required for service. Customer can provide there own equipment. If own equipment is provided hardware will not be supported by Creative Wireless.

For more information about services please download our service contract here.

Check your eligibility request a site survey. This can also be used to order service!



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